I'm Married To The Music, For Better Or For Worse

Hey, my name's Rachel. This blog is for anyone whose life has ever been saved by a band. I follow back band blogs (:

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Matt & Max of You Me At Six getting some air time in Singapore.
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A Day To Remember - 2nd Sucks

"…my slower songs are written with the intention of being the last song played at an 80’s prom." ~ the ever romantic Matty Healy

A Day To Remember | Life @ 11.

Jason Aalon Butler. In the past year I have toured more with Jason and his band Letlive than any other band. I met Jason while on tour with The Devil Wears Prada a while back and ever since then we’ve just kept in touch. I’m real honored to have Jason be willing to pose with the #suicide sign because if there’s one person that’s passionate about life is Him. Whether on stage or off he understands what a rare opportunity it is to live on this planet and that it shouldn’t be thrown away. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Jason or watch his band play I strongly recommend you do, It will seriously reignite your passion for music, life and people.

Mitch Lucker  Behind the INK [x]

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I think I saw you in my dreams, you were stitching up the seams on every mangled promise that your body couldn’t keep,I think I saw you in my sleep.


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